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Quechua: el lenguaje inca

Gabina Funegra (University of New South Wales)
“Quechua: the Fading Inca Language”

When: Tuesday 19 April, 5.30pm
Where: Old Teachers College 306

Gabina Funegra will present her award winning documentary, QUECHUA – THE FADING INCA LANGUAGE. The documentary captures the passing of the Quechua language in a remote mining town, Huallanca, high in the Peruvian Andes.

Once the language of the great Inca Empire, the documentary reveals the abandonment of Quechua in Peru. This is Gabina Funegra’s first documentary and it is a personal journey to the place of her mother’s indigenous origins.

Along with her daughter, Gabina travels to this remote village to discover her mother’s language and find the resilience of a small indigenous community and their fading language. The film is the result of original research conducted on linguistics policies in Peru and the use of the Quechua language in the central Andes of Peru. The documentary explores the changing attitude of people and the impact of language on identity.

The film was co-produced with Ms Fuengra’s daughter, Erika Bonifaz.This is a bilingual session in English and Spanish. Ms Funegra will discuss her experience of producing the documentary and her research. The session includes a screening of the documentary, and question time.


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